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The best way to invest in stocks is to minimize losses. Could Quicken come up with a report that would show the highest price an investor has experienced for an equity and then create a notification if the price falls X percent from that high that the investor would choose, depending on the particular stock and its volatility. Having a built in trailing stop notification would be an extraordinarily useful feature for the investing section of Quicken. I, for one, would pay extra for a version of Quicken that incorporated it.
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  • NotACPA
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    I wouldn't pay extra for a function that I can find for free on my broker's website.
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  • Chris_QPW
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     Notification of a trailing stop doesn't seem like a very useful feature to me, especially since Quicken doesn't get real time prices, and even with the Premier version will only update once every 15 minutes if you leave it up.  By the time Quicken would tell you that your security is below the stop, it would be way to late.

    If one is going to use trailing stops, they really need to be done by the brokerage, and for real, not just a notification.
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