How to Use One-Step Update After Turning on Windows 10 Two-Step Verification?

I just recently turned on Windows 10 two-step verification and also use the Microsoft Authenticator App. Now after Quicken One-Step Update finishes I no longer receive new bank transactions. I'm using a Quicken subscription (Version: R39.23, Build: My bank (Capitol Federal Savings) also requires two-step verification. I expected to receive a Microsoft Authentication request notice when running Quicken One-Step update, but that was not the case. I'm sure the conflict is related to the Windows 10 security. I'm hoping may be someone else has encountered the same issue as me. I'd rather not have to remove the Microsoft Two-Step Verification just because of Quicken.


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    The two-step verification required to sign in to your Microsoft account and use of the Microsoft Authenticator App is independent of the sign in required by Quicken and your financial institutions.
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    Hi @ksucpa

    I have not seen any other reports of users not being able to download transactions after enabling Microsoft verification or the authentication app.  Are you seeing any error codes when you attempt to download transactions?  If so please let us know what they are.

    As a test, I suggest that you disable those new changes and try the downloads again.  That will, at least tell you whether those changes are involved or that the issue is something else.

    Get back to us with any followups.


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