Reconciliation Bug

About every other month when I reconcile I come across this maddening bug. I reconcile against my month-end statement, as I have since I started using Quicken back in the very early times. I'm on the latest version of Quicken for Windows.

An example was when doing my February reconcile of my checking statement. The beginning balance was spot on, per my successful January reconcile ending balance.

I cleared all transactions and then meticulously went through my statement line by line checking off each transaction in quicken and marking it on the statement as done. At the end, Quicken said I was off by $74.19. That's the amount of my Hulu payment each month, so I scrolled to it and made sure it was checked. It was. I unchecked it, and then Quicken said I was off by $148.38 ($74.19 times two). I started over again, twice. I did Finish Later and came back a few times and started over, same result. Finally I gave up and clicked Finished and let Quicken enter the $74.19 placeholder. The $74.19 was marked as reconciled though, so off by $74.19.

Lo and behold, now I start my March reconciliation, and there's that $74.19 transaction from 2/12 marked as 'cleared' not 'reconciled' sitting there. Why?? It was marked as reconciled back in Feb!

I ignored it and reconciled successfully. This happens ALL THE TIME. Why? Now what do I do? If I change the 'c' to 'R' on that transaction, it will throw off my starting balance to reconcile April.

Can someone please fix this bug? And yes, I tried validate and super validate, no problems there. It's some kind of reconcile bug.


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