Schwab transaction not downloading properly security upgrade

I've discovered that transfers no longer appear in my Quicken reports. The problem began in January 2022 after I re-authorized with the new Quicken/Schwab security upgrade. Both sides blame the other - Quicken says the Schwab downloads are incorrect / Schwab says they don't know why Quicken doesn't report the transactions correctly. I've reported the issue to both - any answers would be appreciated!


  • Quicken Janean
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    Hi @QuinnReport

    I am sorry for the continued trouble you are having with this error. This sounds frustrating and thank you for reaching out to Community. 

    It sounds like the download process runs correctly but the data from the transfer is not displaying correctly. Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting this specific Schwab account (saving a backup first)? Could you please let me know some of the troubleshooting steps that you have tried? Please let me know when you get the chance.


    Quicken Janean

  • QuinnReport
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    Thanks Janean, I've spoken to both Quicken and Schwab support teams, and both have looked at this issue through my screen share. The reference # from the Quicken team is 9370034. I believe we've tried all troubleshooting steps including disconnecting and reconnecting the specific accounts.
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