Failing To Load .PDF Files to Transactions, and won't import a scan directly from Scanner

I recently upgraded to Q2021 Home and Bus with no issues. Had been working fine until today, 4/18/22. Now, when I try to import a .PDF file to a transaction, says file is in use, close program that is using file, etc. And when I try to import from my Brother printer, acts and behaves normally, but the file never shows up on the attachment screen. I've been a Quicken user since 1991, was using 2014 when I upgraded. On Windows 7 Pro.


  • GJHam
    GJHam Member
    Update: I copied the .PDF files from the original folder that I've always used, to another folder on a USB stick. It imported the file normally. And, now the printer/scanner import function is working too. No idea why this occurred, as it has never happened before. Rebooting made no difference. But for now, problem solved.
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