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Quicken questions

SITUATION: (I am using Quicken version R39.23, Build 271.39.23)

1) I am one user with one checking account that I wish to access from one of 4-5 different PCs…never more than one PC making this attempt at any time. I have been using Quicken 2018 (with updates so now I don't know what version it is, ther that what's listed above) with the data files on a Network Attached Storage unit that has been assigned and recognized by each computer as Drive X. It has worked flawlessly for several years. (why so many computers? Well, I have them, mostly old i5 and i7s, but also a 2021 build of an AMD 3700X with 64 GB ram and several TB of nvme and ssd and hdd storage. Which is largly a PhotoShop machine (no gaming), and a couple others are "special purpose" devices, but I do "regular" stuff as well if that's where I am sitting<g>)

A few weeks ago after nearly 4 years of no problem at all, Quicken up and destroyed my records. Why? A message blamed "off site storage." Stupid program...this isn't 1986 (about when I first tried, and quickly rejected Q and Bought Quick Books).

So perhaps I'll have to write a .BAT file to copy x:\quicken\*.* to c:\quicken\ THEN actually load Quicken and work with the c: file then quit to return to the BAT and copy the files back to X: then quit the bat file? Geeez, this was DOS 2 stuff not Windows 10 stuff! Or some mixture of this. Why can't Quicken in 2022 be as smart as, oh, Microsoft Money 15 years ago? (and even a connected USB drive is a "remote"?). Certainly a smart developer can solve that little problem rather quickly? I'd imagine it would be fairly common. Word can do it, even Ventura Publisher 10 (which Corel hasn't supported for over 20 years) can still do it. But not Quicken 2022? Apalling!

2) So...I rebuilt the file by importing from my bank since last statement. BIG MISTAKE. Now I can't get rid of all the other crap the bank description dragged in, like ATM numbers, and credit card transactions (thius is a checkbook, not a record of all accounts!), and such that I do not want in my "checkbook"! And I can't find a way to fix this except start the heck over and manually enter everything all over again once an April statement is available.

Heck, I could probably write a spreadsheet that would work. I have been messing with these toys since CPM over 40 years ago. But Quicken offers a simpler way to do this IF I can find ways to make it do them the way I want...which is a simple checkbook, no investment tracking, budgeting, or other stuff. I can, and do handle those in other ways.

3) I DO VERY MUCH LIKE (a) the ready availability of file backup, including the date stamping on same in the filename (b) The concept of a "Cloud" version of the file automatically created when closing...assuming if I had a disc go "toes-up" I could retrieve the data from the Quicken Cloud

4) So the QUESTIONS:

(a) is there a way to stop Quicken from linking with my bank account while still retaining the present data? Which I can then edit. Or do I need to restart with manual entry?

(b) Is there a way, other than the batch file approach referred to above, to have a central location for Quicken data for a single checkbook account and a single user over multiple computers? (c) Why can't I "Save As" to a new filename? But instead have to go to the actual directory and rename the file(s) individually in a file manager and then hope they will open when I tell Q what to open.

(c) can I, if disc files are damaged/drives go defunct/whatever, could I retrieve the
last saved "cloud" version? And how? (I don't know if this is in the application help file...I just thought of it here).

(d) I also want Quicken to print checks. At 80 my handwriting is pretty shakey and I have figured oiut how to print a voucher check on my networked laser. BUT I can't figure out how to create a vendor list with name, address, etc so that the vouncher or check can print the address to show thru a #10 window envelope. I went the the process listed in the help files, but it didn't describe correctly what I saw after doing even the first step...so, useless. Is there a way to do this consistant with the version I can using.

My subscription will or will not renew in a few months depending on the answers I get to these questions.


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    Quicken is maintaining a single user proprietary database within the Quicken file with no recovery logging.  This means Quicken is actively writing data to disk using Window's file access apis and assumes the writes always complete successfully.  

    Did you attempt to restore a good Quicken file backup?

    Responding to your specific queries:

    (a) I suggest you deactivate the Online Services for the account register: open the account register, press Ctrl + Shift + E, select the Online Services tab, and select Deactivate

    (b) We use a remote desktop client to access the Windows desktop on one computer where we maintain Quicken.  There are a variety of free implementations available.  If you are Windows and network savvy, I recommend Microsoft's Remote Desktop.  If you want simplicity, I recommend TeamViewer.   

    If you don't want to use File Explorer, I suggest restoring a Quicken file backup to create the copy: File > Restore a Backup File...

    (c)  I suspect you may be confusing the Quicken Cloud with cloud storage. The Quicken Cloud is not a backup: https://www.quicken.com/support/what-quicken-cloud  

    We access our Quicken file on an internal drive and maintain frequent Quicken file backups on an external drive. We also maintain three months of daily backups,  6-months of weekly backups, and 12-months of monthly backups securely on cloud storage using Duplicati.

    (d)  We don’t use Quicken to write checks.

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