Can't remove 'R' Reconciled

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I've noticed that you can no longer remove the R for Reconciled like you used to be able to do. So if you make an error you have to delete the entry and start over. However, I have repeating transactions that I've copied for each month and now they are all Reconciled even though they are future dated. How do I get rid of the 'R' so it is as it should be?


  • Claude Blouin
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    I am running the latest release of Quicken Canada 2022 (Release 42.11) and nothing has changed as to reconciled transaction. If you click on the R (for reconciled) and chose "Uncleared", the R will disappear (make sure you save the unreleased transaction afterward.
    If you are using another version (or US version) it may be different (Your message has been posted in the "ALL THINGS CANADIAN" forum.)
    Using Quicken Deluxe Canada 2022 Subscription Release R45.18
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