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I use both a laptop and a desktop, depending on where I am. I have tried to use cloud backups and then bring them in wherever I'm working, and I've tried using my external backup hard drive and then bringing the file back in. But every time, I've managed to somehow get two different 'versions' of the file, and then it's super hard to figure out which one is the most recent (because all have to do is open the file to see if it's the right one, and the date/timestamp gets updated). I desperately need a portable version that I can just carry with me, with the data file itself in the same folder. I know it's Quicken's stance that the file should be on the hard drive, but this has caused me hours and hours of rework... Right now I think I have 3 different files that I'm trying to figure out, because they are all timestamped with the same date.
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  • Chris_QPW
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    Look at the Windows File Explorer detail's timestamp instead, it has the modification time on it.

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  • splasher
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    One alternative to your situation is to use a portable USB HDD or SSD (not a flash or thumbdrive) to keep your Quicken data file on.  Just set it up in Windows so that it is ALWAYS assigned the same drive letter so that Quicken's recent file list will find it without you having to do a search.
    I'd also suggest that you use some sort of drive encryption on the portable drive to protect the information on it if it was ever lost.
    I realize this is not what Quicken would consider to be a local drive, but it is connected directly to your computer and should be treated as such.

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  • UKR
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    Unless your laptop is old, slow and doesn't have enough RAM to properly run both Windows, Quicken and your usual bunch of applications (email, calendar, etc.) I would recommend you keep and use Quicken only on the laptop. One file in one place.
    Keep sending backup files to the cloud or an external USB device every time you close Quicken.
    If you really need to have accounting software that can be used from more than one computer at the same time, you may have to convert to multi-user, server or cloud based applications ... but they're a little more expensive than Quicken.
  • Jim_Harman
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    And if you use the desktop machine because of its big monitor, you can connect most modern monitors to your laptop. 
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