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In the Quicken update I just installed (Deluxe Version R43.14 Build there is a new feature that allows for the display of both the Name and the Symbol for 'Transactions'. Nice feature. I want to know why the same functionality cannot be added to the 'Holdings' listing. Right now it is sometimes hard to match up investments when doing lot reconciliation.
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    Hello @mahneedham,

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  • Jim_Harman
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    I think this should be a global setting and not just affect the current Transaction List (register). It should also affect
    -- security names in the Enter Transactions dropdown list
    -- security names in other dropdown lists such as the report security selection tab
    -- Investing > Portfolio views
    -- captions for charts in reports and on the Investing > Allocations page
    -- security names in reports

    The dropdown lists and captions, which have less room for the full security name, would particularly benefit from this change.

    Maybe the setting should be moved to the Preferences > Investments page
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  • jswafa
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    This is a great idea!  I have the same complaint with the "Holdings" view.  I had implemented a brute force fix by just renaming the affected securities with the symbol in front.  Even more utility may be gained by a global option to include the symbol as an additional column in all security views, to allow for sorting either way - by name or symbol.  I have some accounts that are inconsistent in their reporting, sometimes sorting by name and sometimes by symbol.