Add Bill Reminder - allow change to default bill frequency

I think the ability to change the default frequency of bill reminders should be brought back. Once a person's reoccurring bill setup has been done (initial setup) general weekly use of the software involves more "one time" bills than anything else, but we can no longer set new bills to default to "Only Once", we must change it each time we add a new bill. Each month, as I receive exact amounts for varying bills such as credit cards (up to 3 different ones) & hydro, I go into Quicken and enter this amount for the day it is scheduled to be paid in my banking App, and "ignore" the monthly bill I had entered as a projection. I do not want to just change the amount in my projection, because that would defeat the purpose of having a constant projection, and I don't want to wait until the transaction gets downloaded (once done) because that would defeat the purpose of being to see in the calendar what my balance will be on any given day (which to me is THE most useful function in Quicken).
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    There really is no need to set up a Scheduled Reminder for one time payments. You can enter these transactions directly into the register with the future due date.
    For monthly recurring bills with varying amounts, like your electricity bill, you can use the Scheduled Reminder. When you receive the electric bill, just Enter the scheduled reminder and, while doing so, type in the correct amount for this transaction. Future instances of this transaction will retain the original amount (unless set up with "number of previous payments" or, for credit cards, "Current credit card balance")