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Recently upgraded to lastest windows subscription of Quicken because my 2015 version (which I was perfectly happy with for tracking investment transactions/taxes) and seemed unable to keep notwithstanding have paid for it (download). I couldn't have been more disappointed when finding out that the most recent version cannot do Canadian US historical exchange rate conversions properly. The "Currency List" only has the most recent spot rate. Consequently, the investment gains/losses report only uses this recent rate incorrectly with no historical rates. Odd, because the register in 2015 version had a field to enter the exchange rate and the gains/losses investment report had a box to select whether this field was to be used in the report. So, the older version did this well and the current one can't do it at all. I've seen many people make comments that they would like to be able to convert Canadian US exchange investments without having to calculate and enter the converted price from local (US) to Canadian; others provide workarounds. It seems to me that many of these people do not realize that previous versions of Quicken had this capability and that it performed quite well.


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    Are you sure you bought/installed the Canadian version?

    The US version only has the current exchange rate, but the Canadian version has the history.

    If you do Help -> About Quicken the "Edition" should say Canada.
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