Recurring Transaction that Shows up in the Register Before it Occurs

I've read all of the conversation about this, but none of the recommended solutions work.

I use my quicken register to enter budgeted expenses multiple years ahead. This allows me to budget and forecast. However, I manually enter these transactions in the register, e.g., mortgage, vehicle payment, groceries.

It would be so helpful to be able to enter these recurring transactions. The problem with the bill reminders is that quicken says that transactions scheduled later than today are not entered into the register until the specified time and this isn't helpful.
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    I'm not sure why you feel the need to preload your register with loads of future dated transactions. IMHO, it isn't necessary. You can use the Projected Balances view under the Bills & Income tab to show Scheduled Reminders many occurrences into the future. That will allow you to do your planning without having actual register transactions in the register.
    You can also set each of your account registers to show multiple instances of future dated reminders as if they were regular register transactions already, by setting the "Show reminders for:" option in the register. Click the clock icon in the register or, if the clock icon doesn't show, click the gear icon and select the Show reminders option.