Why can't we customize the bill reminder screen to show account?

It would be really helpful if I could see the bill and income reminders by account.
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  • UKR
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    On the Home tab you can customize an existing Classic view or create a new view page and add a Bills & Income Reminders view. This view shows which account is being used for each reminder. However, the view cannot be sorted by account.
    Another possibility to see which reminders will come due soon is by looking at the account register.
    If it has a Bills and Income Reminders tab at the bottom of the view, you can see reminders for this account.
    You can also customize the register to show future reminders as if they were real register transactions already. Using the Action gear icon in the register, enable the item "Reminders to show in register" and select a date range. You can now see reminders for this account and work with them directly in the register.