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In the credit card usage section, the report includes my mortgage as being part of my credit card limit and debt. The red bar is highlighted and there's this message, "You may be spending too much on your credit cards." How do I get this fixed?


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    The main discussion on this issue is here

    This issue has supposedly been resolved, but users are still reporting problems. It may be that your score will not be corrected until the next scheduled update.
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    My credit score in Quicken recently updated and still shows the property mortgage values summed up with my CC values, hence drastically reducing the value that Quicken shows as my Credit Score.  So the bug is still in Quicken credit score reporting.   Quicken acknowledged this was an error on their part, conflicting with statements from all the SuperUsers that this was an error in the way the agencies were reporting the data and Quicken stated they had a fix in and it would show on the next score update.  Looks like another 3 months wait to see.....
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