USAA account shows wrong balance after reauthorization

RIvus Member
The balance in my USAA checking account is suddenly off by thousands of dollars. When I restored a backup the balance was correct until I reauthorized then it went to the erroneous balance.
I am on the USAA site and can see the correct balance. I've reset the USAA account,no change the balance in Quicken is still off by over $28,000!


  • osucowby
    osucowby Member
    I have had the same problem. Has anyone solved it yet?
  • RIvus
    RIvus Member
    It looks like it will have to be that dreaded call to tech support to possibly solve this.
  • Jeffw0001
    Jeffw0001 Member ✭✭
    I noticed that an opening balance was added in the beginning of the register after reauthorizing. Oce I removed it my account was accurate. However the onlince balance is now wrong since it is pulling todays balance and but not todays transactions, so you cant use "auto reconcile to online balance" feature.
  • RIvus
    RIvus Member

    I did notice that the opening balance was way high, but since it was 1995 I have no idea what it should have been. I may just try reconciling by subracting the online balance which is accurate from the bogus ending balance. I may get brave and try calling to see what happened but that usually doesn't help.

  • Chris_QPW
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    Do you have a backup before the change over?

    That would allow you to see what the opening balance was.

    This is my website:
  • RIvus
    RIvus Member

    Duh, that got it close. Thanks. But it is disturbing how Quicken went back 28 years to change the opening balance by so many thousands which incidently was $28,000+ off!

  • ftyminski
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    Tech supports solution was to add a manual FORCED transaction. It worked for now. We’ll see next download.
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