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  • Danilo
    Solution is available via Support:
    Okay, please do the following.

    Please open the register of one of the accounts you have in Quicken with , then go to Settings at the bottom right side of the screen
    After this, please select Downloads and click on Disconnect Account
    I need you to do this on each account you’re having issues.

    Do this with all affected accounts.

    Now access the link below and sign in.


    Once completed, go back to your Quicken and do the following.

    Please click on the Plus sign at the top left side
    Select Checking
    After this, select your financial institution select Direct Connect instead then enter your credentials. In the next prompt, Quicken will “discover” your accounts. Please make sure in the Actions column you click in the drop-down menu and select “Link to existing Quicken account” so you can link them correctly.

    All fixed
    June 23
  • Danilo
    Hello Sarah. Why did you remove my comment here? I'm still having issues related to WellsFargo "ccscrape.119" and "our team working to solve" is not the best answer. The incident is impacting a big chunk of your customer base and you need a major incident approach to reply to the customers about what has been discovered so far and next steps that are being taken, If possible forecast the time to fix it, even if take days. This is basic ITIL incident response.
    6/23/21 Wells Fargo Returns CC-601, "ccscrape.119"
    June 23
  • s8442c
    Please add Computershare Inc to the list of affected financial institutions. Thanks
    June 18
    • Quicken Sarah
      Quicken Sarah
      Hello @s8442c

      Thank you for sharing that you are experiencing an issue with Computershare Inc. For the best assistance, please contact Quicken Support directly to report the error and have this financial institution added to our list of known affected financial institutions. Support is available at https://www.quicken.com/support#contact-support. Thank you!
  • Bltara
    Sarah you were so helpful with the Quicken Crash. Thank you Bruce
    June 3

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