Can't create payment and deposit columns

I've used Quicken since 1998! But I can't get my new 2019 register to have payment and deposit columns like I've done in the past. I don't see the options in the COLUMNS setting.

Another issue: I did something to my 2018 register and now it'll only show either payments or deposits, not both at the same time. GRRRRRR! I keep clicking on the arrows by the columns but it won't go back to the way I had it.

HELP! I am near tears with frustration.


  • Sheryl
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    P.S. I just fixed the second issue that ignore that.
  • Sheryl
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    NEVER MIND AGAIN! Sorry! I set it up as cash, not checking register. My mistake. Fixed now!
  • UKR
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    Glad to hear you could resolve your issues.

    For future reference, for anybody who reads this:
    The Payment and Deposit columns may be named differently, depending on account type, e.g., Charge and Payment, Decrease and Increase

    Does your account register show the Amount column together with Charge and Payment (or Payment and Deposit) columns?
    Depending on your personal preference you should use
    • either the traditional pair of Charge and Payment columns together
    • or the newer Amount column alone (where you have to enter negative amounts with a Minus sign and positive amounts with a plus sign)
    but you really don't need all three of them.
    Please decide which columns to use and remove the other one(s) from the view.

    Q Windows: To add / delete columns in your register click the Register Columns gear icon located next to the Balance column header.
    Q Mac: there's a Columns button at the bottom right of the register view

  • Sheryl
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    Thank you!
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