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    Rocket J. Squirrel's suggestion didn't help. I spent some amount of time with Quicken Support and got them to escalate this problem. When the support person did that she said that this was a known problem with Quicken and they would let me know when it is fixed. The provided solution ends up with Quicken connecting with a Web Express connection instead of a Direct Connect connection. It seems to work but transactions are not actually downloaded and the Setup Access page never gets updated to indicate that Quicken has been connected.

    If, in Quicken, you then manually direct Quicken to set up a Direct Connect connection you get the error response from Citi...every time. It says there was an error and "it wasn't your fault" with the message about there being a new connection method. If you hit [try again] it just fails again. Direct Connect never gets set up and the Allow Access to Application page just times out.
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    Are you aware that Citi recently changed their  third-party access? Once you start the connection to Citi Cards, you must go to the Citi website under your profile to authenticate Quicken access.
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  • > @GeoffG said:
    > Are you aware that Citi recently changed their  third-party access? Once you start the connection to Citi Cards, you must go to the Citi website under your profile to authenticate Quicken access.

    Yes. That was the "Allow Access" page that I was referring to. The Quicken Technical Support Person connected to my machine and we went through the process many times. She tried to put me off to Citi but I had already talked to their support person and when through the process many times with them too.

    The actual Quicken Technical Support person is the one who escalated it and after a few minutes, she told me that the higher-level support people knew about this problem and that it was a Quicken problem; that they would let me know when it was fixed. Until then I have to export a QXF(?) file from Citi to actually read the transactions into my MasterCard account.

    It seems to me that it might be the case that the moderators here are not really in contact with what's going on in Quicken's Technical Support department. I don't know if the moderators are employees of Quicken or not.

    Best regards.
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    I also am still unable to connect using direct connect with my Citi branded card. I get the "It's Not Your Fault" error. Express Web Connect is working.
  • > @markus1957 said:
    > I also am still unable to connect using direct connect with my Citi branded card. I get the "It's Not Your Fault" error. Express Web Connect is working.

    Exactly! :wink:
  • Express Web Connect "looked" like it was working for me but the non-pending, outstanding transactions did not download and the Citi Connected Apps page never reflected that Quicken was allowed access.
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    This discussion was created from comments split from: Transaction Download Works, but Mobile Sync Doesn't.
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    The Citi Connected Apps page does not show Quicken but it did download my payment.  Did you try Update Now from under the gear icon in the account register?
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    Is anyone working on this issue or is it tabled due to lack of interest. It seems that every time an issue is fixed it creates a new one. I have been using Quicken since 1995 an it worked great then but the more complicated it gets the worse it gets. Please fix.
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    Same issue here. Worked with chat but they suggested all the things I've already done (deactivate, reactivate, sign out/sign in, etc). I don't believe they really grasped that the desktop program works but the mobile and web apps do not.
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    I guess I'ii have to live without Quicken Mobile for the time being. Oh well!!!!
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    I just spent an hour on the phone with Quicken support to troubleshoot the issue. I really just wanted to give them another data point to help get this fixed. The support rep didn't' fully comprehend the actual issue. I tried showing her this thread, but she wasn't interested in looking at it. She just kept asking me to call Citi support :(. One thing we did do as a test was create a test file and add my citi account. At the end of the account creation process we checked the box for sync to mobile and cloud. That works, but it only works because the citi connection is setup as web express. As soon as you upgrade that to direct connect mobile sync no longer works.
  • >@meoge I'm so disappointed with how Quicken Support handled your call. This is NOT good. In addition, I've not heard back from their "Escalation Team" about this issue; it's been about a week now. :/
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    So, after reading the message from >@meoge, I decided to try changing my connection to Citi from Direct Connect to Express Web Connect. I then reset the account, and was able to set it up in Mobile and Web! The only thing I had to do was go into my register and clean up the transactions that were added (i.e. duplicate entries).

    In summary, Express Web Connect works, whereas Direct Connect DOES NOT. This isn't the best solution, but at least it works for now. Someone needs to put in the fix for Direct Connect.

    I now see the account in both Mobile and Web applications.

    Thank you >@meoge !
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    When I do it tells me that we are unable to connect to Citibank Credit Card. Please try again later. I do and it still doesn't work.

    I Quicken on my PC I got the message that Citi undated it on line banking. I followed those instructions and everything works with Citi on the PC. Could this be effecting the mobile ap? If so, how do I fix?
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    Same problem here with the Quicken app on my iPhone. I had recently performed Citi's procedure to continue access from Quicken on my Mac and that worked. I tried doing the same for access from my iPhone and it didn't work for it.
  • Bill BBill B Member ✭✭
    I ran one step update an my Bank of America and Citi Cards accounts updated and downloaded my transactions with no problem at all, so I know I am linked with Citi Cards and Bank of America.

    When I try to set up mobile and web with the same accounts, I get a CC-105 eror "unable to connect with accounts. When I uncheck Citi Cards and only check Bank of America accounts, it works fine.

    This has been an ongoing problem for me for almost a month now. Is anyone working on this problem or should I just write it off and cancel my subscription?
    Please advise as soon as possible. Getting old.
  • Bill BBill B Member ✭✭
  • Bill BBill B Member ✭✭
    This is the error I get when trying to sync with mobile app
  • Bill BBill B Member ✭✭
    My problem is not from the one step update but from adding accounts at Quicken mobile and Web.. As I stated originally my transactions download works ok in one step update but I cannot set up mobile using the same passwords. My problem is with Citi Cards because I can add Bank of America accounts with no problem
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    How can it be that I can sign on to Citi Cards directly without issue and download my Citi Cards transactions using one step update which uses the same password with no problem but cannot add accounts to Quicken Mobile or the Web using same password. I have tried uninstalling Quicken and re installing without issue and been on Citi Cards chat and they seem to think it is a Quicken issue and I tend to agree. Please advise on this issue as it has been ongoing for a month now. Is there anyone working on this problem? I have Windows 10 and the latest update of Quicken R21.17 and a subscription to Quicken2019 Thank You.
  • Bill BBill B Member ✭✭
    I was on the phone with Quicken and they assured me that they were on the problem and it would be resolved in 48 to 72 hours.
    I'm not holding my breath but hoping it will
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    The Quicken iOS app (iPhone 11/iOS 13.0/Quicken App 5.16.0 and 12.9" iPad Pro/iOS 12.4.1/Quicken App 5.15.0) as well as the web app (Safari 12.1.2/macOS 10.14.6) show an error next to my Citi MasterCard. When I click it in the web app, I get the message:

    This account needs your attention
    We are unable to connect to Citi Cards at this time.
    Care Code: client.response.xml.validation

    Is there something I can do to get the iOS app and web app to work with my Citi MasterCard?
  • woodinlbwoodinlb Member ✭✭
    Go to and then perform the fix account on the quicken app on your phone. Worked for me today.
  • SSteveSSteve Member ✭✭
    > @woodinlb said:
    > Go to and then perform the fix account on the quicken app on your phone. Worked for me today.

    I just tried and nothing changed. The Citi website shows "Activate Your Financial Management Software" and the time counting down in the ten-minute window but the iOS app and web app still show a connectivity error. I guess I'll try contacting Quicken support.
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