401K scheduled withdrawals don't transfer correctly

In bills and income, I schedule 2 monthly transfers, one from my 401K to a checking account, one from my husband's 401K to same checking account. In January the withdrawal amount for the year changes, so I update the scheduled transfer; I've done this for over 5 years now. However, when I actually enter the scheduled transfer, both register entries are wrong - they show the transfer amount from either/both 401K accounts to be the same as my withdrawal from years ago, and also shows my husband's transfer source as from my 401K. Can I ever get these transfers to be correct? Every month I have to edit the transactions after matching with downloads from these accounts.

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  • rupleys
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    They are correct in the reminders section, but when the actual downloaded transfer is matched, the amounts don't match. I was advised years ago to do a 3-way split transaction, i.e. list a 401K transfer $X to checking, list Income from 401K as negative $X, use 'IRA cleanup' category for $X. All shows this correctly for both reminders; the correct amounts are downloaded and matched, but then the splits on both transactions are wrong, they both show the same, 5-year old $X sourced from only my 401K.

    I will do as you suggested though, just start all over; can't verify until first of next month, as I've already edited today's transactions to correct the splits.
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