can't sign in after purchase of Quicken 2020 subscription to upgrade from 2017

I had been using Quicken 2017 which has online updates expiring the end of this month. So I purchased a subscription to Quicken 2020 from the website. I installed it, did the reboot, etc.

Now I can't open my data! It launches and asks me for my data password to open QDATA.QDF. I use the same password as before. It opens for about 2 seconds and then goes to a new window telling me to sign in that is pre-populated with my email address. This is what I gave for my username when I purchased the software. I give the correct password (and I know its correct because I tried a wrong one intentionally and it says "invalid quicken ID or password). As soon as I enter the correct ID I get another window that says "did you purchase Quicken from It's possible your subscription is linked to another quicken ID. Please soon sign out and sign in again with the email address associated with your Quicken purchase.

So I'm screwed here. First off, there actually is no button or pulldown that says "sign out". Second, I *did* sign in with the email address associated with my purchase.

What do I do to get this to work?

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