Unable to add CapitalOne Credit Cards as Online Bill within Bill Manager

Windows 10 and Quicken are the latest versions:

I have two credit cards with CapitalOne. One is the GM Card and the other is the Walmart Master Card.

When setting up my GM Credit Card, if I choose CapitalOne or GM Card as the Online Biller it does not prompt me to choose which of the two cards I want to set up. It does tell me the bills been setup but the next amount due is not available from the biller. It places it in the Needs Attention section.

Once this is setup I cannot setup my Walmart MasterCard. There is no Online Bill specifically for Walmart credit cards. If I select CapitalOne it tells me I already have a biller setup which is the GM Card. If I select CapitalOne Retail Credit I'm eventually asked to pick retailer from a list but Walmart is not one of the retailers.

What is the proper way to setup an online bill for my GM Card & Walmart Master Card?

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