Why doesn't "Market Value" equal "Balance" value after reconciling my Vanguard brokerage account?

Current balance is $148k; current "Market Value" is $377k. Reconciliation has taken into account "market appreciation/depreciation."

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  • Garth Brown
    Garth Brown Member ✭✭
    Thanks for your quick response, John.

    Can’t imagine what Q is trying to accomplish with “Market Value” display that has no reasonable connection to reality. Lots of people have posted on this source of confusion for many years. I think Q needs to take another look at the question.

    Thanks again.
  • q_lurker
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    OK, I'm a Qwin user jumping into a QMac discussion, but I don't think the platform is the question here.

    Both Vanguard and Quicken will report the details to you as to how they get to the Market Value amounts on a given day.  So when you look at those details,why aren't you seeing where the problem.is?

    In my case with Vanguard, I have cash sweeping int a MM fund and I choose to represent that MMF as a security in Quicken.  I get 100% matching of values at virtually all times.  (There have been limited instances where a dividend payment was missed here and there.)  Others choose to avoid the MM security and they know that that there Cash balance in Quicken is (or should be) what Vanguard reports as MM assets.  To each his own. 

    If you are treating Quicken as a black box, you are doing yourself a disservice, IMO.  The program is reporting on your financial state, but the user still needs to be responsible for understanding that state.          
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