Update of Quicken failed. Reinstalled and now I can't login

I'm a very long time quicken windows premier customer. I updated quicken to the latest release today and afterwards I got a message "Unable to initialize Quicken run time components. Restart Windows and try again". I restarted and same thing. I then reinstalled the product. It starts up and wants my user id and password. I plugged that in. It loads up the product and then goes back to wanting my user id and password. Doesn't say that the user id or password is incorrect. It just goes back and wants it again. This is why I avoid upgrades until it's been out for awhile. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • TTSguy
    TTSguy Member ✭✭✭✭
    You must be a CO guy, me too! I also had problems, and I too admit waiting on updates to be the best bet!
  • Milehigh5280
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    Actually I just sold my home in Denver and bought a home in Sarasota Florida. Been here for 3 months and love it. Didn't like the direction Denver is headed.