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New to Quicken Mac. I don't understand how to use schedule bills with check register

Jessesgirl88 Member
Hello. I am new to Quicken. I am confused I think maybe just making things more complicated than should be. My question is if i have downloaded my check register info from my bank and i schedule bills, how does it not duplicate that bill if it automatically is coming over from the bank? I tried one and I see that it is lighter in my registry. So what happens to the scheduled transaction once that same transaction pulls from my actual account? Will it put two entries in my registry?


  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    edited August 2022
    In most cases Quicken will match up the two transactions & merge them into one. If that doesn't happen for some reason & you wind up with two transactions (one scheduled and one downloaded), just drag one of them onto the other and Quicken will merge them.

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