Reconcile statement's closing date error, and missing cleared transactions in Reconcile

(1) I'm running Quicken Premier R48.15 on a Windows 10 platform, fully updated. On a monthly basis, I need to add a day to the period shown in my bank statements to get the final day's transactions included in the reconciliation. (If it's an April 17 closing date, I must say April 18 to get April 17 transactions included.) ??

(2) On a frequent basis, current transactions shown as Cleared in my Quicken transaction ledger simply disappear from the list of transactions when I switch to Reconcile. The only way I can reconcile is to duplicate the transaction, add it as New (with the same date old one still there and Quicken Premier showing its error message that this is a duplicate). Then Return to Reconcile, where a single transaction shows up to check off. After that, I delete the original transaction (still showing Cleared), and my reconciliation is OK.

Why, Quicken community, do these errors continually happen?


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