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Work with Copies of your Actual Quicken Data Files

Hi All,

No Posts, No Warnings, No Nothing.

No one gives the Customer a chance to fix problems easily, because they don't tell the posted how to avoid problems.

The Solution is very simple. Work with a Copy of your Actual Quicken Data File.

What do I mean? I mean when your Quicken Data File is working correctly, do a Manual Backup of your Data File. Don't rely on Automatic Backups, because there is a limit to the space of Automatic Backups. It is a Sub-folder of your Quicken Data Folder.

When you do Manual Backups, place them on an external source, like a Mapped Hard Drive or an USB Hard Drive.

With doing Manual Backups, your Actual Quicken Data File, is merely a copy of your Manual Backup File.

What happens when a Patch installation, makes the Quicken Data File, unusable or wipes out the Password Vault? Don't panic. Simply close Quicken, Restart the computer. Open Quicken and restore your Manual Backup and go on with life. That simple.

If your Hard Drive crashes, don't worry. Simply reinstall your operating system or restore an image of your operating system. Then restore your Quicken Data File.

If you do Manual Backups after major changes or daily, you lost nothing.



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