Quicken creates more than the max number of auto-backup files set in Preferences

In addition to the 5 (my maximum) expected backup files, I have found hundreds of others, each with the save date included in the file name (e.g., QD_COPY_20100712.QDF).  They take up needed disk space.  Why are they created and can I stop them from being created or manage them with some kind of preference I don't know about?


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    Take a look in your Quicken Preferences, backup section.
    There are two types of backup that are independent of each other:
    1) There's the Automatic Backup.
    It is performed automatically after running / closing Quicken xx times. The maximum number of backup copies applies only to files created by this process. Backup files are stored on your harddisk in the /Quicken/Backup folder.
    2) There's the Manual Backup Reminder.
    This process is performed independently and/or in addition to the Automatic Backup.
    The maximum number of backup copies does not apply to backups taken by this process (Note: this applies up to an including Quicken 2010, which I use).
    You need to manually delete older backups to recover disk space in that folder or drive, if you chose to create backups with the date added to the file name.
    IMHO, an age limit or max. number of backups setting should apply here to be able to keep a lid on the number of files.
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    Just a bump - for this old thread -
    while I search for my other posting on this same topic -
    Currently have Qwin 202 R23.17 - Win10 -
    The Quicken Prefs are set --->
    and here is the current file listing -

    QWin Deluxe Subscription - sticking with R47.15 - Win10

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