FAQ: Why can't I see anything in tips and tutorials?

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I just get a blank screen when I click on "tips and tutorials."


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    Try this.
    Close Quicken - open IE and make sure that is made your default browser.
    To make it the default browser do this.
    Click on Tools - Internet Options - Programs tab - Make Default

    Open Quicken and see if it works.

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    I know this is an old question, but I just noticed this today.

    My old Quicken files, converted from many years of prior versions, do not display "Tips & Tutorials" either in the menu or the tabs. Newly created Quicken files do display "Tips & Tutorials". I find it odd that this should be embedded in the file and not in the program. (I'm now using Q2012, if that makes a difference since Q2011.)

    In any case, the proposed solution of "make IE the default browser" didn't work for me. My default browser is Firefox, and I still got a blank page lacking any tips or tutorials after switching to IE.

    Clicking between the two choices of "Using Quicken" and "Quicken Services" caused the content to become visible, regardless of the default browser.

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    The "Default Browser" suggestion almost never works because it is based on the incorrect idea of what that means.

    "Default Browser" means that if you or a program "open" a *.html page this is the program Windows will use to display it. When this happens you know it very well because it opens outside of Quicken. On the other hand Quicken does display web pages embedded in a window. Examples of this are the Tax Planner, the tips and tutorial, and the setup for the life planner and registration. In this case what is happening is Quicken is making calls to the IE libraries on your machine to get/render the web pages. Note that Quicken also uses the IE libraries to make connections for things like Express Web Connect and even Direct Connect.

    Now the setting for full IE and calling the IE libraries (what is called embedded IE) are the same. So when you have a problem with embedded web content you should be looking to your IE settings and libraries to find the problem, not what web browser will be used if a HTML file is opened.

    With that said this is one reason I almost never want to answer a question about embedded web pages, because there are so many settings or other problems with IE that can cause problems, that trying to find out what is going on without being in front of the problem machine (and sometimes even then) is an extremely hard to do.

    In your case RLW it even looks like the problem is some kind of Quicken problem that is not updating the window at the wrong time, and isn't an IE problem. Usually when you have IE problems you know it because of all the parts that use embedded IE all fail to work. In general that is usually caused by security settings that block it.
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