Portfolio view shows incorrect day gain/loss

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The total that shows up on Quicken for my Roth IRA is like $80 short of the actual. In the portfolio view, this same amount shows up as a day loss for one particular investment within the Ira. None of my other investments show any day gain/loss. What can I do to correct this?


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    I had the same problem!   Here
    is what I did to fix it:   The problem was that my financial
    institution (TD Ameritrade in this case) apparently uploaded two weird
    transactions into my register for that particular security (in this case a
    mutual fund).  The original purchase of
    the security was made in July.  But
    several months later, two unexplained transactions appear in my register,: 

    One is an "Added" transaction and one is "Removed."
      However, the "Added"
    transaction has blank fields (zero?) under “Number of shares,” and “Price paid,”
    and “Total cost.”

    The "Remove" transaction has blank/zero “Number of

    The memo on both reads: "INTERNAL TRANSFER BETWEEN
    was apparently downloaded from TDAmeritrade during
    a One-Step Update.  Probably some
    placeholder for a transaction within TD Ameritrade. 

    I deleted these two transactions, and
    the correct "Day Gain/Loss" numbers appear for every day!  

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