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FAQ: How do I convert a loan account that automatically downloads transactions, to a manual entry/sc

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    The very first thing is to make a backup of your data file, so that if something goes wrong you can restore to this copy.

    Next create a new "manual" loan account (look for the manual link at the bottom where they ask for financial institutions, see first image below).

    Now put in your loan information as if you were first setting it up (with the past starting date and amount). Please note in Quicken 2013 they have different loan types. In the past it didn’t seem to matter which loan type you selected, but in Quicken 2013 they seem to do different kinds of calculations (see second image below).

    Once you have this manual loan account setup, go to that manual loan account and select Payment Details.

    Delete any transactions Quicken put in (There should be an opening balance, and a balance adjustment).

    Select Ctrl+H
    For the Field to find select category.
    Select Exact for the second field.
    Select the old loan account that is setup with the automatic transactions download in the next field (It will have square brackets around its name).
    Select Find
    Select "Select All".
    For Replace select category for the first field.
    For With select your new manual loan account.

    Select Replace All. Note it will warn about not making replacements in splits, but don’t worry about that comment, the replacements did happen.
    Select Done (see the third image).

    Go to the first transaction in the new manual loan account.
    Change the category to manual loan account name (as found in the Transfers section). Move the amount that is in the Decrease column to the Increase column, and save it.

    Hopefully now you have your new manual loan account. Your old automatic download loan account should have no transactions in it and you can delete it.
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