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FAQ: How to get started as a new Quicken for Windows user

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Are you new to Quicken?

If so, welcome. May I recommend a little light reading?


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    A Getting Started Guide is available here:

    Quicken 2016: http://www.quicken.com/complete-guide-getting-started-quicken-2016-windows

    What's new in Quicken 2016? http://www.quicken.com/whats-new-guide-quicken-2016-windows

    Check out the Money Management Tips here: http://quicken.intuit.com/money-management/ 

    and watch some videos: http://quicken.intuit.com/all-how-tos/Videos/

    In Quicken, you can get to additional helpful material:

    - Click the Tips & Tutorials tab(*), review the tutorials and video clips.

    - Or click on Help in the Menu Bar, then click on Quicken Help (or simply press the F1 key from anywhere in Quicken). Review the books in the Contents tab. Click on books, book titles or chapters to reveal more information. Or perform a keyword search and read the articles pointed out by the search results.

    - In a Quicken view, if you see a yellow dot with a question mark in it, click it to get specific help for the form or view you are currently displaying.


    Do you have questions?

    - Here on QLC, someone may have posted a similar question already. Click Search at the top of this webpage.

    - Also while on the QLC Community webpage, take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions area by clicking the Quicken FAQs button, then click the Windows FAQs button.


    (*) If the Tips & Tutorials tab doesn't show, click on Tools in the Menu Bar, then hover the mouse over "Tabs to show" and, one after the other, click any as yet unchecked (and not grayed out) choice, including Tips & Tutorials. See attached image for reference.

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