cannot create a new recurring invoice from customer invoices account

Here is how I always used to create a recurring invoice for a customer in customer invoices account (in Quicken H&B 2013):

1.  Create a new invoice for a new customer in the customer invoices account register using a form
2.  Right click on this invoice, and pick "schedule a recurring bill/invoice" (something like that)
3.  Program will go through multiple steps to create the recurring invoice.

After I upgraded to 2014 version, I can do step 1 above, but I don't see an option to schedule a recurring invoice with the right click (step 2 above).  What happened to this right click option?  How can I do this?


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    I have Home and Business 2015, so I'm not sure if its the same in 2014 or not (but worth checking). To schedule a recurring invoice (or one for a future date) I go into the Bills tab on the top menu. Then over to the upper right, there is a drop down option to "Add Reminder." You can select "Invoice Reminder." When you're setting up your invoice, you can choose the frequency (weekly, quarterly, annually, etc.) and you can choose when it ends.

    I hope this helps you and others!
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    I know this is old, but it's not marked "answered" and it's not closed, so here goes.

    First, let's think about this for a minute . . .

    Invoice - Something you create and send to a client/customer so that they may know how much THEY OWE YOU for a job, a product, or a service.

    Bill - Something YOU receive from someone that let's you know how much YOU OWE THEM.

    With that understanding, we can now have a discussion without getting confused. If you think about it in these terms, the answer to your problem becomes clearer. So, do you really want to set up a recurring invoice, a recurring bill, or just a reminder to pay your bills?
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