QWin 2014: total market value incorrect

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I am using Q 2014 R5. I just set up a brokerage account that is NOT linked to anything and the cash balance and total market value are not matching. What is wrong?


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    Because the cash balance is just that...the amount of CASH you have in the account.

    So, say you put $10,000 in an investment account.  You use $7,000 of that to purchase shares in stock XYZ (700 shares at $10 a share).

    Your cash balance is $3,000.

    The total value of the account, as of that day is $10,000...the cash balance plus the value of the stock.

    Say, a year from now stock XYZ is now worth $20 a share.

    The cash balance remains at $3,000.  The value of the stock is now $14,000.  The total value of the account is now $17,000.

    Got it now???
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