Quicken FAQ: Can I install Quicken on multiple computers?

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Can I install Quicken on multiple computers?


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    Yes, you may install Quicken on more than one machine. You can find the full details on this Quicken Support page, but in summary:
    • If you are using the Subscription version of Quicken, you can install it onto as many machines as you wish, subject to the restriction that you must sign in with the same Quicken ID on each computer.
    • If you are using an older version of Quicken you may install it on up to three computers in the same household, you do not have to purchase additional copies of Quicken to install it on the second and third computer.
    NOTE: Quicken is designed to run on Windows or Mac OS -- not both.  You won't be able to move your files between the two.
    US Quicken Deluxe for Windows Subscription R28.16 on Windows 10 Pro v2004
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