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Quicken FAQ: What do I do if I am missing some transactions when downloading from my bank?

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What do I do if I am missing some transactions when downloading from my bank?


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    When you download transactions from your financial institution, some or most of your cleared transactions come through, but not all.  You can see transactions on your financial institutions web site, but they are not observed in Quicken. This behavior occurs over multiple downloads, for different transactions each download, and is not a "one-time event."

    Note: Quicken will not download Pending transactions not yet posted by your financial institution. Some financial institutions will transmit future-dated online bill payments when you use their bill pay service. This is determined by the financial institution. For more information on this, please contact your financial institutions Online Banking support. 

    What are the typical reasons transactions for missing transactions?
    • Incorrectly matched the downloaded transaction to another transaction in the register. This is common with repeating Payments made to the same Payee for the same amount.
    • Deleted the Accepted transaction from the account register.
    • Deleted the Downloaded Transaction from the Compare to Register view.
    • Moved the transaction from one account register to another.
    • Expecting to find the transaction in one account, when it truly belonged to another (ex: looking in the Checking account for a Savings account transaction).
    • Accepted the downloaded transaction(s), then restored an older backup.
    These are one time events and can not be resolved by product updates or Quicken Support.  You will need to enter the missing transactions manually. 

    Added a new account, but missing transaction history?
    Your bank may provide your transaction history for download, but most banks won't provide more than 90 days of history; if you need more than 90 days, you can contact your bank to determine if older transactions are available for a one-time download into Quicken.  

    Still missing transactions?

    1. Understanding how your bank creates your transactions.
    It's important to understand your bank provides updated information for Quicken once a day, at the very most.   Transactions made today will not show up in Quicken until the next day.  Also, some banks only allow downloads to Quicken at the time your statement is ready. That is, transactions that are after your last full statement, can not download into Quicken.

    To test this:

    1. Go to your bank's website and log in.
    2. Once you're logged in, go the page where you download transactions (transaction history).
    3. Attempt to download your transactions to a Quicken file.
    4. Can you download based on monthly statements? Or is there an option to download from Date Y to Date Z?
    If you do not have the ability to specify dates and can only download by monthly statements, then your bank will only allow you to download transactions that are part of the statement. If this is the case, please download the transactions once they are grouped by statements.

    2. Check for Quicken product updates.
    Make sure you are on the latest release of Quicken.

    1. Select Tools menu, then choose One Step Update.
    2. Select your account(s) then click on Update Now. If you get an error message, search our support site for the error message itself.
    If you were not on the latest release (that is, if you downloaded an update), check the account register for cleared transactions.  If they are still not there, let's move on.

    3. Check your Quicken Preferences.
    Check your Quicken Preference to ensure the transactions are not being auto-accepted into the register if you're looking for them in the Online Center. Edit > Preferences > Downloaded Transactions.

    4. Check your register Sort Order and filtering.
    Check your Sort Order in your account. If the Sort Order was set to something other than by Date, it's possible the transactions were there but not where you thought they should be. Resetting to the default sort of Date should make it easier to see those transactions.

    Make sure you're not filtering your account register, to ensure you're not missing the transactions simply because they fall outside the filter settings selected. Click the Reset button at the top of the register.

    5. Verify transaction names
    Confirm the transactions haven't been renamed unexpectedly.  Adding the Downloaded Payee column to the register allows you to search by Payee in order to determine if there was a problem with Renaming/Auto-Categorization.

    6. Check your Account List
    Look for Hidden or new/unexpected account registers, to see if the transactions were added to a register other than the one you're looking for them in - Account List (Ctrl + A) and Show Hidden Accounts.

    7. Reset your account Starting Date for downloaded transactions.

    1. Go to the Online Center by selecting the Tools menu > Online Center.
    2. In the Online Center hold down the Ctrl key and click Contact Info.
    3. In the Refresh Online Transaction Information window, choose the account you are having problems downloading a full range of transactions.
    4. Click on the Reset DTSTART button.
      Warning: Using this function resets Quicken's list of last downloaded transactions. This means that after this button is reset, it is possible you will download several duplicate transactions.
    5. Choose the earliest date of a transaction you are missing and click OK.
    6. Click on the Refresh button.
    7. Attempt to download again.

    8. Reset or deactivate and then reactivate your account.
    This should never be done as a first measure and, when repeated, could result in complications with your online services.


      1. Select the Tools menu and then Account List. The Account List window opens.
      2. Select the account for which you want to deactivate online services, and then click Edit. The Account Details window opens.
      3. Click the Online Services tab.
      4. Click Deactivate next to the service you want to disable.
      5. Click Yes to the message asking if you want to disable this service. 
      6. Click OK to the confirmation message. The Account Details window is refreshed, and the service is listed as Available.


      1. From the Tools menu select Add Account.
      2. Select or Enter the name of your financial institution and click Next.
      3. Enter the name of your bank and click Next.
      4. Enter your credentials, select Save this password (if using password vault) and click Connect.
        Important: You should now see your account to activate. Make sure the drop-down for that account says Link. If it says Add, change it to Link and select the correct account. If you do not do this, then the account will be added as a different account instead of being linked to the existing account. Click Next to continue.
    What do I do if the above steps did not work?
    If the above steps did not work and this is a one-time, non reoccurring issue, the best option is to manually enter your missing transactions.   If the above steps did not work and this is not a one-time, occurring issue, contact Quicken Support.