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How do I tell a budget to "ignore" expenses labeled with a certain category?

I have a monthly budget set up that takes in to account my monthly income and my budgeted expenses and all is as I would like it. The rub comes in to the fact that I recently purchased a house and have set aside a few thousand dollars for home renovations and remodeling etc. I was hoping to set-up a completely separate and un-related budget to track expenses taken from this chunk of money.

I have created a new category called "Home Move-In". I would like for my monthly budget to completely ignore anything tagged with that label (current it gets thrown in to the "Everything Else" category. I would then like those transactions to show up in my Home Move-In budget.

My current plan for the Home Move-In budget is to create it as a yearly budget with $XXXX, and then when 2015 rolls around I will just adjust the budget amount to the remainder of my pre-alloted money. However, if anyone can recommend and tell me how to setup a "Virtual Savings Account" or some such thing that would be cool.

The idea is that I have a pre-defined amount of money that can be used for purchases and I need to track those purchases and the "balance" of my budget/virtual account. These purchases (as they are coming from a source other than my monthly salary) should be ignored by my monthly budget and only looked at in the yearly Home Move-In budget / virtual account.

I am very new to Quicken but am trying my best to get familiar with Quicken. Thanks in advance for any help!



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    Found a solution to my problem:

    Searching through quicken's built in help I found that there is a way to ignore a group. So I created a new group with a category "Home move-in / Remodel". In my monthly budget I added this category to the budget but then right-clicked and told it to ignore this group. Now any expenses labeled "Home move-in/Remodel" will be ignored in my monthly budget.

    (Note: it is important the new category is in it's own separate group, as you cannot ignore categories, only groups, as far as I can tell)

    I then created a second budget that looks only at the "Home move-in/Remodel" group and ignores all others. I then set the December monthly allotment to $xxxx and then choose to view the budget in a yearly fashion.

    The only downside to this is that I cannot view multiple budget on my phone. So I can only have one at my fingertips at all times. So I need to routinely log on my computer to check the balance of the "Home move-in/remodel" budget.

    Hope this helps anyone else trying to do this as well.
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    This was helpful to me, thanks for your post!
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