FAQ: Actions Windows Desktop Users Can Take to Remedy Connection Errors and Password Change Issues

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                Actions Quicken for Windows Users Can Take to Remedy CC and Connection Errors when Updating Accounts

    Step 5 can sometimes resolve password change issues when changing the password in the Password Vault is unsuccessful. (Note that using special characters such as: &, < or >, ( or ) in passwords may cause connection and incorrect password errors with EWC accounts.) The Mondo Patch can resolve minor software installation or revision update errors.

      1. If an error code was displayed in the One Step Update Summary, click this link to the Quicken Knowledge Base for advice on specific errors. If your error is not listed enter it in the Search Bar on the link page.
      2. In the account register of the account having the problem, click the Account Actions "gear" icon top right and select "Update Now.” This uses a slightly different method than One Step Update and initiates a new request to the Financial Institution which can kick-start the process particularly if security questions are the source of the problem.

      3. If the error is not resolved with Update Now, attempt to Reset the Account and connection. Open the Tools menu > Account List > Edit > Online Services Tab > Reset Account for the account(s) experiencing problems.
    • If the reset is unable to complete or the account is not listed, deactivate and reactivate the account (Tools > Add Account).
      4. If still having connection issues try a deactivate/reactivate cycle of the Online Services.
    • In Tools menu select Account List > Edit > Online Services tab and click the Deactivate button for the problem account(s). If the deactivation is successful, the Online Services tab will refresh and show a “Set Up Now” button.   **Note that all accounts using the same username/pw combo at a financial institution, including any hidden accounts, must be deactivated before reactivating. **
    • Then Set Up Now or “reactivate” one of the accounts and as you go thru the setup process, Quicken will identify all accounts it can download.   **Note, if receiving a CC-800 or CC-501 error code, use Tools > Add Account to reactivate the account(s).**
    • Be sure to choose LINK (NOT Add) to existing accounts and to CAREFULLY MATCH the accounts to each other. Choose "Ignore" for any accounts you do not want to download.
    • In some cases, a deactivate/reactivate cycle will not work but the Add Account process does restore connections.
    General Connectivity Troubleshooting Advice from Quicken Knowledge Base
    • If you get an error notice like "can't connect to the internet" or "it's not your fault", go to the Control Panel > Internet Options and reset the Internet Explorer Security, Privacy and Advanced tab settings to their defaults. (Quicken uses IE settings for internet connections regardless of your choice of default browser.)
    • If One Step Update is hanging or seeming to do nothing, your Quicken ID Profile may need to be reset. In Quicken, Go to the Edit tab > Preferences > Quicken ID, Mobile & Alerts. On the right side of the Preferences window, click the “Sign in as a different User” link and re-enter your existing Quicken ID credentials. If you have Mobile & Alerts services set up in the box below Quicken Profile information, you may also have to reset those.
    Learn how to Refresh Financial Institution Information in Quicken and Resolve Direct Connect Issues via this Knowledge Base Article 
    • Search your hard drive for the file "fidir.txt". If it is more than a couple of days old, you can force an update clicking Tools > Add Account > Checking and then “Cancel.”
    Quicken Knowledge Base Online Troubleshooting Guide 
    • Provides additional troubleshooting tips and links to the most recent updates to the software including the Mondo Patch Update.
    Contact Quicken Live Support via this link. 
    • If you have followed the steps above and are still experiencing a connection issue, contact Live Support via phone or chat.
    • If your issue concerns inaccurate online balances or failure to download posted transactions with an Express Web Connect (EWC) institution, only the EWC Scripts team can resolve your issue. Live Support will not be able to resolve your issue, but you must contact them to have your issue escalated to the scripts team for resolution.
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