Holding a note in an IRA account

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How can I set up a note that I hold in an IRA account so that the value of it will decrease when I receive principal payments?
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    Assuming you receive the principal payment in your checking account:
    • Download or manually enter the deposit transaction into the checking account register in Quicken.
    • Enter the account name of the IRA account in the Transfer field of that deposit transaction. Clicking in the Transfer field will let you pick the account name.
    You can confirm this works by going to the IRA account register, where you will see a new transaction that represents the principal payment's deduction from the account.

    You might want to check out this video: Working With Transactions.Transfer transactions are covered at 4:34 in the video.
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    Assuming that is legal to do.  You might want to also check this all out over in the Turbo Tax forum.  Or is the IRA going to receive the payments directly?  Turbo Tax forum, https://ttlc.intuit.com

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    You could create a fictitious security - 'Note XYZ' valued at $1/sh.
    Lets say you invested $50,000 in the note.
    Use cash from the account to purchase 50,000 sh of Note XYZ.
    When you receive a principal payment - say $234.56.
    Sell 234.56 sh of Note XYZ.
    The cash stays in the account and the value of Note XYZ decreases by the principal payment.
    The total value of the account should always reflect the true value of the IRA - Cash + other holdings + Note XYZ.

    If you download info for the account this methodology may not match what the FI provides - but it is a work-around.
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