add shares feature does not appear to work.

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I've added shares to a money market mutual fund, but the balance does not update.  Any ideas?  Likely I'm doing something wrong - tried at least a dozen times.


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    I'm not a Mac user myself, but if you tell us what Quicken Mac version you're using and give us more details on the process you're going thru, someone with more Mac experience may be able to help you.
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    I am having the same problem - Quicken for Mac 2017 4.3.1 on MAC OS 10.11.14.  I reported this problem on 11/12/16   -"security not listed in portfolio window" - for 2017 Quicken for mac - unable to get a security to display in the portfolio window.  I have several accounts.  in the Schwab account I cannot get the schwab us treasury money fund  SWUXX to show in the portfolio window  despite an active in transaction history and a positive balance - checked the security list for the fund -appears OK -  listed as type=other and asset class = money market.  have purchased shares of it with cash,  add or remove shares, nothing shows in portfolio window either under type or asset class.  It's Active in transactions, can add/subtract cash to it, but this doesn't show in window.  The same is true in another account where I use Fidelity  - fidelity cash reserves (same type as the SWUXX). exact same problem   - Throws off the balance for the account.  Cash can flow in and out of the security but the security does not show in the portfolio. 

    There is no screen shot needed as the problem is not reflected in a screen shot - just in the absence of the security in the account(s) as described
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    do you do this manually or are you set up to download via Schwab?
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    update - long time on phone with QUicken Support.  Duplicated the issue in the Schwab account where the mutual fund  - SWUXX - did not appear in portfolio window even though shares were purchased in a transaction (and cash was decremented - and overall porfolio price went down).  Eventual workaround was to create a similar mutual fund/money market without any symbol (schwab alternate fund) which worked as planned (showed in portfolio and apprpriately decremented cash, etc. )
    Issue has been escalated - workaround only fix at present if the money market fund in other banks has same issue.
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    Robert, a question for you. Is SWUXX the "cash account/settlement fund"?

    In my Vanguard accounts I have (by a recent change they made) two money market mutual fund accounts. One is a true MMA and the other is used as the cash account/settlement fund and all transactions flow into and out of it. QM tracks the "true MMA" properly, but is not tracking the cash account/settlement fund account properly. It sounds like your experience is the same as mine: huge amount of time working with tech support, manual changes to get it to show properly, then as QM not tracking changes so you have to keep fixing it manually or give up. Is this correct?

    I believe this is a problem with the program (since I've never seen a reasonable fix or explanation for how this can be corrected). Very frustrating. 

    I even found a free online program at which keeps track of everything including the cash amounts in my brokerage accounts perfectly. It's a joy to update and see it match my brokerage accounts virtually perfectly (it is sometimes off by a total of $0.01 which I assume is due to different rounding rules in the program). I considered dumping QM for this, but unfortunately the program does not do all that I need (including some things that QM does well). I'm currently using QM2017, but it behaves identically in 2016-- and I see from other posts the same problem has existed since QM2015.
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    Hi - I was able to fix this problem by investigating all placeholders.  Before I explain, to answer your question the SWUXX is used as a sweep fund for the account - any excess cash each day is placed in or removed from that fund. There is no other intermediary process.  Hope that answers your question re Cash account/settlement fund.
    The placeholder solution came from another person who responded -while placeholders are listed in the Q17 manual, the issue I reported was not listed nor explained.
    apparently  when there are imbalances in stock  or other asset amounts, quicken adds a placeholder to balance the asset.  This can be buried at the beginning of all transactions in that account or in the middle of the transactions.  What I found is that if I resolved the placeholder issue, then the SWUXX or other mutual fund/cash account issues resolved and the add shares/remove shares/purchases all worked. 
    to find a placeholder, in any account, add memo-notes as a column displayed in transactions, then search for placeholder.  That will bring up any placeholder notes put in by quicken for any asset in the account.  Resolve or delete that transaction. You may need to rebalancing the values in the account since cash purchases/amounts may be changed - but once done you won't need to do it again unless another placeholder shows up.  But it WILL resolve the issue that quicken doesn't add or subtract as I described in my original messages.  
    To find all placeholders in all accounts,go to all transactions in the side bar -then type placeholders in the search window.  That will simplify your process if you have a lot of accounts.  If not then just do the account itself.    Let me know if that works
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    Robert, thank you for your thorough answer, and for confirming that the SWUXX is the sweep fund account as I suspected.

    Unfortunately, I do not currently have any placeholders. I have gotten a few over the last few months totaling a few dollars. I have usually not been able to match them to any transactions on my brokerage account so I have added them to the cash account, but that isn't really resolving the discrepancy is it? As I said, the placeholders have totaled a few dollars, while my cash accounts are off by many thousands.

    I suspect the errors may be in the deposit/payment catch-all, but that includes about 1/2 the transactions and I don't know enough about accounting or how QM is using these transactions to find what I can fix.

    It seems simple. When an investment is made it is withdrawn from the settlement account. When shares are sold the cash goes into the settlement account. If a check is sent from me to the brokerage it is deposited into the settlement account. If a check is sent from the brokerage it is deducted from the settlement account. When there is interest or dividends they are either re-invested or deported into the settlement account. It does not seem like something that should be beyond QM to do.

    Thanks again for getting back to me!
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