FAQ: Update your Quicken Profile Information

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Go to using your Browser: https://www.quicken.com/

Hover your Mouse over Sign in and click My Account.

On the next page Sign in. It may ask to verify yourself, via a Security Code, you can have Emailed to your Email Address for easy Copy and paste.

Everything in My Account can be changed, except Plan Details. So, if you decide that you are getting rid of your Email Address, like dropping Comcast for Verizon or vice-versa and you are using that Email Address, but you have no longer access to the Email Address, make sure to change it, before you get rid of it. You are allow to Change your Quicken User ID and Email Address, as they are not set in Stone. You just need your Current Password

After changing it, Save it.

Once everything is correct, sign out and Sign in again, to make sure the changes work.

Next, close the Browser.

Open Quicken. Click on Edit, then Preferences. Click on Quicken ID, Mobile & Alerts.

Click on "Sign in as a different user". Type in Yes to Confirm Sign out and click Sign Out.

Now simply Sign In again, like Re-registering.

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