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I have a hard copy of a report that showing year end account balances for the last 3 years that I ran in October 2016 using Quicken 2014.  I run the same report today in Q17 and the previous year end balance for some accounts are different.  I looked at 2 securities the Q17 reports are using prices from the last friday in the year (in 2015 this was 12/25).  the hard copy Q14 report is using prices for 12/31/15.  That explains the difference.    I've tried reloading the prices in Q17 but the report is still wrong.  How can I manually update a security price for a specific day?


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    If for some reason you didn't regularly download daily price history updates
    or if for some reason you had to delete and re-download price history data,
    you may get different results.
    As you may have noticed, you can (re-)download up to 5 years of price history, but this isn't a complete daily history.
    From Quicken Help: "Quicken downloads daily prices of the selected securities for the most
    recent month, weekly prices for the 11 months prior to that, and monthly prices

    To manually update price history go into the Investing tab, Portfolio view.
    Set the As of Date in the view header to your desired date, e.g., 12/31/15, and press Enter.
    After the view updates click the Quote/Price field of the security you wish to change, overtype the price and tab or Enter to the next one.
    This will add or change the 12/31/15 Price History record for the selected security.

    You can also edit the complete Price History for a security directly.
    Don't know how? See below.

    Help! (Quicken for Windows)

    If you're unsure on
    how to do something, you can find more information about a specific task,
    function, feature or report in Quicken Help.

    To access Quicken Help simply press the F1 key from anywhere in Quicken (or
    click Help in the Menu bar, then click Quicken Help).

    Use the Contents tab to see the available books in Quicken Help. Click on one
    of the books to open it. Click on a chapter to drill down to more

    Or use the Search tab to search using keywords, e.g., "buy

    Some Quicken view screens may have a yellow (or blue) button with a question
    mark. Click it to get view - specific help.

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    Thanks, I manually updated the prices through he portfolio view.  I tried editing the complete history (CTL-Z), but it didn't update the dates I was looking at.  
    I'm fine now, thanks for your help
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