Mutual Fund Name Change mishandled... best way to fix?

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Back in 2015, I had a mutual fund named in Quicken "CHAMBERS STR PPTYS." This fund changed its name to "GRAMERCY PPTY TR." Here's my problem:

Unfortunately for me, at the time, the download from Ameriprise created a "Removed" and an "Added" transaction, not a name change. Now I want to go back and correct it. What's the best way to do this?

So I already have a security set up for "GRAMERCY PPTY TR" in quicken. Can I use a corporate name change to link to this existing security? Or should I create a "new" Garmercy security in Quicken and manually replicate all the transactions that happened after the "Added" and "Removed" transactions. (There aren't very many, so no big deal.)

Any help much appreciated!!!!


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    If there are not too many transactions, I would:

    A. Edit the transactions to have the refer to Chambers rather than Gramercy.

    B. Delete the downloaded Remove and Add transactions.

    C. Delete the existing Gramercy security, and

    D. Rename the Chambers security to Gramercy, either using the Corporate Name Change transaction, or by simply editing the security details for the Chambers security. FYI, that path will retroactively change all transactions to read as Gramercy. For me, that would likely be acceptable. If not so for you, post back with your expectations and needs.
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    Thanks that got it!
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