how to search for a placeholder transaction?

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Quicken 2017 Deluxe running on Windows 10.

I need to know how to search for a placeholder transaction. I'm trying to close an account (the real world account is closed), and Quicken tells me I have unresolved placeholder transactions.

I go to the account list > Display options > Close Account... >

Err msg: "This account has securities balances, please clear the securities before you close the account. [OK]" > [OK]

How does one "clear the securities"?

I go to the account list > [account in question] > Edit

Number of shares = -137.071 (this is bogus, the real account has zero shares in it.)

Market Value = -24990.78.

Cash Balance = 0

I go to the transaction register and enter a new transaction. Action=AdjShBal. I set number of shares to zero. It warns me I already have a placeholder transaction for the same date. do I want to overwrite? I answer "Yes".

I go back to the account list and try to close the account again. Err msg: (same as before) "...please clear the securities..."

How to find a placeholder transaction? When I visually inspect the list of transactions, I find no placeholders. At the bottom of the register, it says "Placeholder Entries (0)". When I use [Ctrl-F] to find "N/A", quicken finds none. When I try to enter a "Bought" transaction, quicken tells me "You are attempting to record a transaction on the same date as a placeholder Transaction. Your share balance will not be affected. Are you sure?"

I give up. This makes me feel like the Quicken securities accounting process is full of holes and gotchas. What's the answer to this riddle?


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    Click show hidden transactions in Preferences>Investment Transactions and/or run a banking transactions report and customize it for the account of interest. They can usually be deleted after using one of these methods to get them to show up.
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