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In Q16 Premier (R 10) I keep getting the Matching Security dialog for a Money Mkt/Settlement fund that is used in several different accounts (taxable and nontaxables) at the same broker.  All but one of the accounts seems to have matched just fine without any repeat action*, but on just one of the accounts it keeps wanting to match each time. The Edit Security Details dialog shows "Matched with online security" as checked.

An interesting sidebar, I complained to Vanguard about treating the settlement fund with Withdrawal/Deposit transactions instead of Buy/Sell transactions.  They recently changed it.  That said, this problem predates the switch.

* It is possible that when I download the set of accounts, the first account I process is the one that gets the Matching Security dialog and all is fine until the next download.  I should try changing the order I process accounts.

There are other posts that discuss similar Matching Security problems but none I've read gets to this problem.

Any thoughts about other things to try.  Thanks.


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    I've had similar problems with options from certain brokers.  

    My understanding is that Quicken matches downloaded securities to securities in your security list based on CUSIP.  This likely means that when you are downloading transactions your broker is sending through different CUSIP numbers for the same money market in different accounts.

    Unfortunately CUSIP is not easy to find for securities in your securities list so try this.  

    Next time accept the new security for each account (just name them differently ... e.g. Money Market A, Money Market B, etc.).  Then after accepting for each account so go to Edit Security Details for each of the securities in question.  Then hold <Ctrl> and Other Info button.  in the lower left of the other info window, you should find the CUSIP for the security.  Note the CUSIP for each of these.  If the CUSIP is not the same for each of the securities this means that the CUSIP being passed by the broker is different for each and unless you can get the broker to send through the same CUSIP you're going to have to just deal with the problem.

    So two ways to deal with it if the broker is sending through different CUSIPs.  1) Continue to match it manually which you'll have to do with each download.  2) Have each be a different security name linked to the same ticker (Money Market A, Money Market B, etc).  Since you likely aren't tracking performance of the individual money market across accounts this latter is probably the easiest for you even if not the cleanest.
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    Thanks, Kevin.  The CUSIP was different.  There are few enough of the effected transactions that I was able to manually (no gang changes like category edits...hmmm) change all of the security entries to the new--I guess--CUSIP.  Hopefully that'll solve the problem.  Thanks again. 
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