Is there a way to delete more than one investment transaction at a time

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I have an error in one of my investment accounts and need to delete about 150 entries.  How can I delete more than one investment transaction at a time?


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    This sounds like pretty drastic action!! - are you absolutely certain that there is not a better way to achieve your mission? Bear in mind that you may not be able to re-download those deleted transactions.

    First step is to make a good backup of your data file - this allows you to get back to where you started - just in case.

    From the menu bar - Reports > Banking > Transaction.
    Customize for the account, date range, etc.
    In the resulting transaction report, you can select individual transactions or a group of transactions.
    Right-click and select Delete Transaction(s).

    Good luck!!
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    Thanks for the reply.  It worked. imageimageimage  I was chatting on line with Quicken and was told you could not delete more than one transaction at a time. 

    The transactions were the result of a stock exchange which were not downloaded transactions.  The transactions were entered as a sale and not an exchange.  The stock is one where there was reinvested dividends on a monthly basis for over 20 years.  So it was actually over 250 entries.
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