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I mistakenly put a stock into the wrong brokerage account in Quicken 2016.  Is there any way to move the stock from one brokerage account into another?


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    A single transaction: Right-click this transaction in the wrong account, select Cut transaction.
    Switch to correct account and click the new transaction entry line. Right-click, select Paste.

    If that doesn't work, delete wrong entry and manually enter a new transaction in the correct account..
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    Hi Tom,

    I'm sorry for any trouble you are having moving your stock to the appropriate account. To help us provide you with the most appropriate answer, please let us know what Quicken product (QWin or QMac), what version (2015, 2016, etc.) and what release you have installed. Also, let us know whether you using the US version of Quicken or Quicken Canada. 

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