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Quicken 2017 Premier (Windows) Investing tab has subtabs for "average cost per share" and "cost basis."  I have been unable to generate a report which includes "average cost per share."  My goal is to export to a spreadsheet this data point and others which appear on investing tab. 

I have been unable to select multiple securities on investing tab to capture all of the data on that tab to transfer it to a spreadsheet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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    I am not sure what you mean by sub tabs. The investment tab has several views: Portfolio, Allocations, Performance, X-Ray. Each view contains snapshots showing Quicken data in tabular or graphical format.

    Probably the best source to get what you're looking for is the Portfolio view. Porrfolio views can be customized to show accounts and securities with as many columns of investment data as you desire.

    The Porrfolio can be "printed" to a tab delimited text file that can be opened in Excel.

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