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Quicken Windows 2015
The 401(k) update wizard has a place where it asks you "How many transfers appear on your" with a field to enter a number. This is if you transfer money from one security to another. The statement does not list individual trades. I did not say I want to track individual trades in the account. The statement does not say how much was transferred from security x to security y. I have a total In and total Out for each security only. I don't know what to put. Do I have to pretend there were no transfers?


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    David, you are correct. Enter 0 for the number of transfers.

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    OK. I've done it, but it doesn't tell me very much. I was hoping Quicken would help me with making asset allocation changes, but without full information, it doesn't seem to tell me very much. Obviously, the performance information is not going to be accurate.

    Up to now, I just kept my 401(k) as an asset account and used an Excel spreadsheet for allocation changes. That seems just as good a way to do it from what I can see.
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