Inability to update stock quotes/prices.

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I am using Quicken 14 Premier on a desktop using Windows Vista. My problem is the inability to update common stock quotes or prices that I used to do at least monthly. My last successful update was 11/08/16. I have read some community posts to the effect that updates are no longer possible with Windows XP that Microsoft is no longer supporting but I am using Vista. Help!


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    What is the exact
    release number for your version of Quicken?

    If clicking on Help / About Quicken does not show one of the following you are
    missing required software updates:

    Quicken US version:

    "2014 ... Release R10",

    - "2015 ... Release R12",

    - "2016 ... Release R10",

    - "2017 ... Release R3(or higher)",

    Quicken Canada

    2014 ... Release R4

    - 2015 ... Release R3

    - 2016 ... Release R2

    - 2017 ... not yet available

    Quicken Canada users: Do not download the patch or Mondo Patch files in the
    above links. They apply to Quicken US users only. Instead, scroll down the
    webpage to the Quicken Canada section and download the file hiding behind a
    clickable word "here".

    Please do

    Locate the Mondo Patch file or
    Canada patch file applicable to your version of Quicken in the links

    Download it and save it to disk.

    Temporarily disable your Antivirus software for the entire duration of the next

    Right-click the downloaded patch file. Click "Run as Administrator"
    to execute the installation program.

    This will replace any Quicken software modules with a known consistent release
    level and, hopefully, eliminate any software corruption or errors during
    installation as a cause of this issue.


    Quicken 2014 and
    2015 still require a functioning version of Internet Explorer (IE 9 or higher)
    to be installed, configured and usable on your system, even if you normally use
    Edge or a different browser. So please verify that IE is up and running. You must
    have started IE at least once since installing your latest Windows version so
    it can finish configuring itself and be ready for use.

    In IE, click on
    Tools / Internet options / Advanced tab.

    Scroll down the list to "Use TLS x.x" and click to put a checkmark on
    all available TLS choices. Click Apply, then OK. Close IE. Close and restart

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    Thank you.  I will try what you suggest.  The trouble might be Explorer as I have been using Chrome for some time.
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    Downloading stock quotes now works again for me.  Thank you very much for your suggestions.  I do have Quicken 2014 with Release R10.  So I then followed  your suggestion with respect to Internet Explorer and put the checkmark on "Use TLS", closed then opened again IE, used it, then closed IE and re-opened Quicken.I then was able to get updated stock quotes.  With the stock market doing so well since November 8, I was frustrated that I was unable to obtain current stock prices!
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