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I am entering 401K transactions. My broker has individual transactions further broken down in the details section. For instance, one dividend transaction in the details section is broken down into pre tax, rollover, employer contribution, and voluntary deferral.

As this is one transaction and downloaded as one transaction, how do I split it up in Quicken? I don't see this option in the investment transaction details window.



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    You don't need to keep those pieces separate at all.  It's all going to be 100% taxable when you take it out.  I wouldn't do anything with that breakout.  

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    There is almost no transaction type in an investment transaction can be split, and if you were to go that route you would have to use come made up multiple transactions to get just one entry done.

    But the truth is that the reason you having problems is that's not how it is really done.
    Your paycheck supplies the money, and the broker executes the buy(s) using that cash.
    The money from your paycheck only needs to be separated into two categories.
    What you contributed, and what your employer contributed (matched).
    As shown here:

    Quicken turns these into two transfers into the 401K account.
    It also categorizes them so that they can properly be deducted from your taxable income.

    Normally the downloading of transactions from the broker would only be what is bought (and on occasion sold), which "consumes" that cash that you have put into the account from your paycheck.

    The details on where everything comes from and such are nice, but don't impact these transactions.
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    The broker is providing you information beyond what is required as a service to you. Like others have said, you don;t need that information and in reality, they do not have to give it to you on a monthly, or whatever basis. You could, if you wanted to, break that account into 4 accounts and go through a lot of manual input for every check.
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